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Establish an Internet Presence


Today's customers expect comprehensive marketing, sales and technical information to be available on line. We can develop detailed  communications strategies for your current or planned Internet  presence, as well as techniques to secure additional traffic to your web site.

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If your company or facility does not have a web site, Media&Marketing can develop an efficient framework to deliver your message in a timely and attractive way. Or we can use existing materials as a foundation for the site, and streamline the assembly of finished pages and links, plus on-line versions of product literature and support materials.


But The Internet is an evolving phenomena; it needs to be updated and enhanced as new techniques for delivering your marketing message become available, and to ensure that you maintain a high visibility in the new 24/7 media.

Media&Marketing's internet website, for example, was constructed in a couple of days using Microsoft FrontPage, utilizing a number of clip art items included with the software package.

Let 20+ years of hands on-experience with every aspect of the professional multimedia industries around the world work for your company.


For more information about the various types of Web Authoring and Design services we can provide to your company or facility, contact Media&Marketing via Email.

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