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What exactly is Marketing?


Marketing has been defined as:

"The creative management function that promotes trade and employment by assessing customer needs and initiates research and development to meet them. It co-ordinates the resource of production and distribution of goods and services, determines and directs the nature and scale of the total effort required to sell profitably to the ultimate user."

In other words, "Finding out what the customer wants.. and providing it."

By this broad definition, almost every function in your company is or should be part of the marketing process. A Marketing Department's primary role is to provide centralized services to aid the Product Manager in marketing his/her products. Together, they must ensure that all of the components of the "Marketing Mix" are implemented in a way that maximizing the profitability of the product line(s).

The Marketing Mix: Product.. Price.. Place.. Promotion.

Summarizing: To meet the customers' needs we must develop products to satisfy them, charge the right price, get the goods to the right place (making sure that the product is available when needed), and we make the existence of such products known through effective promotion.

Marketing is Strategy - Sales is Tactics.

Component elements of this intricate "Marketing Mix" include:

  • Market Surveys and Analysis, to identify sales opportunities of existing and future products and services to targeted markets segments.

  • Trade Magazine Advertising, to generate wide-scale visibility of the company and its products.

  • Collateral Production, including brochures, newsletters, catalogs, technical "White Papers," Sales Reference Guides and cut sheets.

  • Trade Show Attendance, to promote the company and its products to specific end users and its staff.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns, to generate sales leads and enhanced visibility to targeted market segments.

  • Internet Web Site, to provide 24-hour/seven-day access to information about the company and its products and/or services.

  • New Product Development, including analysis of market opportunities and competitive solutions.

Marketing functions can include some or all of the following various activities:

  • Define Marketing Goals and Develop Strategy.

  • Direct Revitalization of Web Site.

  • Prioritize Marketing and Sales efforts.

  • Oversee Preparation of Company Newsletter.

  • Set Targets and Milestones.

  • Coordinate Advertising program.

  • Perform brand management.

  • Coordinate media program.

  • Coordinate activities of product managers.

  • Host Special Events.

  • Direct Literature Preparation.

  • Coordinate trade show attendance.

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