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Founded in 2004 by industry veterans Brian Zolner and Casey Dowdell, Bricasti Design Ltd is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest professional audio products, including the highly acclaimed Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor and the new Model 10 Remote Console.

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“The M7’s sound is dense and pure and thick – I can
never achieve that from a DAW plug-in.”

Santa Monica, CA - “Sure, plug-ins are okay,” offers prolific music-scoring mixer Alan Meyerson,” but I need a world-class external reverb for creating realistic-sounding ambiences and reverberant spaces for my motion-picture soundtracks. As soon as I heard the new Bricasti Model 7 I knew that I had found what I was looking for. I’m so impressed with this powerful unit that I ended up purchasing a total of six Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processors. They sound amazing!” Meyerson recently completed soundtracks for Iron Man with composer Ramin Djawadi, and the animated feature Kung Fu Panda; upcoming releases include The Dark Knight, with joint composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, and X-Files. The engineer/producer spends much of his time at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica, CA. He also operates his own state-of-the-art mix room.

   Meyerson recalls that his first evaluation session with the Bricasti Design Model 7 came during an orchestral session. “Compared to my [reference external reverb] the Model 7 provides additional depth and size - it was, as I can best describe it, a more complete sound. The reverb tails, in particular, are clear sounding and more full. As a result I discovered that I needed less reverb, which means that it doesn’t muddy the orchestral tracks. For me, the M7 sounds better, wider and fatter.”
   Meyerson specified a total of six Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processors because of a need to prepare separate 5.1-channel surround sound for the movie soundtracks on which he works. “I might use, for example, three units on string elements and another three on brass: the first Model 7 for left and center, the second for right and center, and the third for surrounds. And for conventional stereo sessions, I might need to prepare as many as six separate stems.
   “Workstation plug-ins just don't offer the processing flexibility that I need for complex reverb algorithms. The Model 7 is loaded with powerful DSP chips that are essential for realistic-sounding ambiences. The M7’s sound is dense and pure and thick – I can never quite achieve that from a DAW plug-in. In-the-box reverb is DSP hungry and soon uses up the available processing. This way, I have plenty of DSP power available in the Model 7, and can use DAW plug-ins for EQ and dynamics.”
   The new Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor features a revolutionary new reverb algorithm, True Stereo Reverb Process that accurately creates true acoustic spaces. M7 includes more than 100 powerful, truly unique reverb presets, including Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chambers and Ambient Spaces. The minimalist yet elegant user interface offers a total of 15 Parametric Program Parameters and 50 User Registers; four front-panel “Favorites” enable quick saves and A-B comparisons.
   “It’s a perfect solution, with a great user interface,” Meyerson says. “The Model 7 features four front-panel quick-recall buttons that let me access my favorite settings in an instant, with lots of programmable user registers and resets as well.” Meyerson is also looking forward to receiving one of the first Model 10 Remote Consoles from Bricasti Design.
   “Each design element of the Model 7 is a carefully considered statement of our vision of what the evolution of reverberation processing in its most classic form can be,” considers company president Brian Zolner. “With a deep appreciation of the best designs which precede it, and a passion for moving the science of reverberation forward, the Model 7 provides a palette of sounds that encompass the familiar as well as new expressions in the art. Listen to the new reference in reverb processing; it will bring new life to a project in a way unimagined by any process before it.”

Alan Meyerson's six Model 7 reverb processors

Leading film-scoring mixer Alan Meyerson with his new collection of Bricasti Design Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processors
 at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica. “I’m so impressed with this powerful unit that I ended
up purchasing a total of six Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processors,” the engineer/producer says.

About the Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor
The Bricasti Design Model 7 provides the highest level of musicality and ease of control imaginable in a processor dedicated to the task of reverberation. A modern high-resolution digital design, utilizing an array of the latest DSP processors, provides a platform for the long overdue next step in reverb-processing algorithms. A separate fully differential analog section and dedicated transformer-based linear power supply provide enhanced analog specifications. An exceptionally strong stainless steel chassis, and a tooled aluminum front panel, combine with a classic high visibility display and straight-forward human interface, to complete an enduring design that is intended to fulfill its role, now and into the future.

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