For many years, nVision has offered a wide range of audio and video conversion, synchronization, distribution and related equipment; including expandable digital routing switchers; sample rate converters; and sync generators


- R E C E N T   N E W S   R E L E A S E -

Recent Installations at SMA Video, Tape House,
and PhotoMag facilities in New York City.


Nevada City, CA- Digital Audio Routing systems from nVision, Inc. are proving very popular within New York City’s video post community. During the past several months, NV Series Digital Audio Switchers have been installed at SMA Video, Tape House and PhotoMag. According to Steven Strassberg, president of Strassberg Associates, nVision’s representative in Metropolitan New York and Tri-State Area, “nVision systems are being specified by a growing number of video post houses for several reasons. Firstly, nVision is a company that understands the audio requirements of video facilities. Second, nVision listens to its customers, and offers outstanding after-sales support. And last, but by no means least, nVision is fully committed to the future of digital audio for digital video, and continues to offer well-built, cost-effective systems for our customers throughout The Big Apple.”

   nVision NV Series Asynchronous and Synchronous Routers are designed to enable fast and reliable switching between a wide range of AES/EBU-format digital audio sources and destinations. Serving the function of a modular, serial-controllable patch panel, NV Series Routers are capable of handling digital audio sources operating at sample rates between 28 kHz and 54 kHz, as well as free-running sources that are not locked to video or digital sync.

SMA Video, based in the SoHo district of New York, specializes in commercials production, digital special effects and film-to-tape transfers for major ad agencies in the area. According to Director of Engineering Dave Satin, the facility recently installed an NV3512 Digital Audio Router System equipped with 80-by-96 crosspoints. “This new NV3512 replaces an existing -3064, which didn’t offer sufficient I/O capacity,” he explains. “And we have just expanded the -3512’s current capacity to handle 96-by-96 ports.”

   The nVision matrix is controlled by a Pro-Bel System 3 that routes audio and video signals, timecode and machine control from a central machine room, which houses various D1 and D2 videodecks, to SMA Video’s various editing, composing and film-transfer rooms. “We only route digital audio in this facility,” Satin continues. “We use a bay of nVision NV1030, -1035, -1040 and -1045 A-to-D and D-to-A converters to handle conversion between analog sources and the master 3512 switcher. We also have an NV5500 Sync Generator that provides a master sync reference source for all of our NTSC and PAL rooms.

   “We were very price sensitive at the time of placing our nVision order, and didn’t expect the firm to send an engineer to help us install the systems. But we were grateful for their assistance; we needed to be back in operation very quickly. We had budgeted two days for the job, but in the end we finished in just half a day! We like dealing with quality companies, and nVision has always been there for us.”

Tape House is one of the East Coast’s premier film-to-tape transfer facilities, based on three Rank-Cintel URSA Gold, an URSA and a Mk IIIC Turbo Telecine System. According to Director of Engineering Lloyd Forcellini, the facility routes all AES/EBU-format digital signals via a pair of recently installed NV3064SA Synchronous Switchers under the control of a Utah Scientific router system. “The Utah controls routing of 160-by-160 serial digital/D1 video sources, plus 32-by-32 parallel/D2 video I/Os. The pair of nVision NV3064 routers are paralleled together for 128-by-128 cross-point switching, using audio channels 1 and 2 on layer #1, and 3 plus 4 on layer #2. The system works very well for us.”

   Tape House also operates several all-digital edit suites based on Accom Axial edit controllers and Alpha 500 video mixers, plus a GVG Cadenza, all linked to a central machine room that houses a collection of Sony D1 and D2 plus Ampex DCT and D2 videodecks. “We also plan to interconnect the nVision NV3064SA switchers to the Axial controllers,” Forcellini continues, “so that we can fully integrate the assignment of digital audio sources and destination between our editing suites.”

PhotoMag is a full-service audio post-production facility that handles a wide range of audio production for TV commercials, long-form programming for cable and network outlets, plus trailers for feature film. A sister company provides film-editorial services using Avid Media Composer and related systems.

According to PhotoMag’s Technical Director Ed Evans, the recently installed nVision NV3064 Asynchronous digital audio router provides 64-by-64 cross-point routing of AES/EBU-format signals between the facility’s various digital audio tape machines, plus D1, D2, Beta SP and C-Format videodecks. “Currently, the system is being used as a stand-alone unit,” Ed Evans explains, “although as our facility expands we may eventually tie it into our central video switcher.”

   PhotoMag operates a pair of all-digital post rooms, based on AMS Neve Logic Series mixing consoles. “We use the NV3064 as the equivalent of a digital patchbay,” Ed Evans continues. “The system does exactly what we need it to do; it’s easy to set up and operate, and has proved 100% reliable. It also has a great expansion capability, which we can take advantage of as we add new rooms. It’s a powerful system.”

nVision products include the NV1000 Series of Modular Conversion, Synchronization, Distribution and Related Equipment; NV2000 Series of Digital Audio Transmission Systems; NV3512 Series of Expandable Digital Routing Switchers; NV3064 Series of Compact Digital Routing Switchers; NV4448 Sample Rate Converter; and NV5500 Sync Generators.

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