Roger Nichols Digital is an innovator of leading-edge DAW plug-ins and applications designed to streamline the creative day-to-day operations of recording and production engineers, producers and musicians involved in all aspects of sound creation.

- R E C E N T   N E W S   R E L E A S E -


- Session-proven signal benders bring engineering genius to workstation users -

Los Angeles, CA - Building on nearly four decades of active involvement with the record business, the genius of Roger Nichols needs no introduction. Having worked with the crème de la crème of the world’s most successful artists – and picking up seven Grammy® Awards in the process – Roger Nichols knows of what he speaks. And that proven hands-on experience is now available to all DAW users in the form of five truly scintillating plug-ins, plus a freebie.
   The new plug-ins will be demonstrated at the upcoming Summer NAMM Show in Austin – Booth 419 - and are  available as evaluation copies from the website; users just need a registered iLok USB Smart Key.

● Dynam-izer™ – Get Those Levels Under Control

Includes RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OS & RTAS, VST for Windows®
Why always apply the same compression to all audio levels? This plug-in lets users break audio levels up into zones so they can be controlled exactly as required.
Pro-user price: $249.00

● Uniquel-izer  – The Swiss Army Knife of Equalizers

Includes RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OSX & RTAS, VST for Windows®
Why work within the confines of an EQ configuration? This plug-in lets users determine their ideal EQ. And if they ever need more bands or filters, these are just a click away.
Pro-user price: $249.00

● Frequal-izer  – Surgically-Accurate Mastering EQ

Includes RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OSX & RTAS, VST for Windows®
This plug-in lets users build a complex FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter to their own specifications. EQ curves can also be drawn and edited.
Pro-user price: $249.00

● Finis  - Peak Limiter That Controls Dynamics

Includes RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OSX & RTAS, VST for Windows®
This plug-in employs the most advanced limiting algorithms we know of. Great Tools don't need to have complicated user interfaces. There’s nothing else to do after Finis.
Pro-user price: $249.00

● Inspector XL  - Collection of Powerful Analysis Tools

Includes RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OSX & RTAS, VST for Windows®
This plug-in is a collection of six individual powerful audio analysis tools designed to fulfill a number of familiar analysis tasks with professionalism, style and finesse.
Pro-user price: $299.00

● Inspector - It's Free - A Compact, but Powerful, Analysis Tool

Includes RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OSX & RTAS, VST for Windows®
This plug-in is a compact yet powerful tool that offers everything from spectral analysis to extensive peak/RMS metering and a balance meter.


“With my name on the box, you know that you're getting power, density and all of the signal-processing tricks that I have been employing as a successful session engineer and producer,” Nichols confides. “I want plug-ins that will bring sparkle and focus to my project, and now I can make them available to everyone else.”
   After this initial offering of five DAW plug-ins, which will be available through an in-development distribution channel both in the US and around the world, Roger Nichols Digital will be innovating other tantalizing plug-ins for the world’s most popular digital audio workstations; RND is an accredited Digidesign Plug-in and Apple Developer.
   Roger Nichols has been designing DSP software for his personal use since 1981. These powerful devices have been used to great effect on countless albums and mastering projects with such artists as Steely Dan, Al DiMeola and Bela Fleck. “It is now time to make these plug-ins available to the ever-expanding universe of DAW-based mixing and mastering,” Nichols confides. “RND is fully committed to plug-in development.”
   But make no mistake - these are not your father’s plug-ins. Innovative, state-of-the-art technology encompassing artificial intelligence, data mining and spectral technologies, coupled with more than three decades of cranking out some of the best sounding albums in the industry, makes Roger Nichols Digital a unique plug-in developer. Sure, there are a lot of plug-in companies out there, and a lot of good plug-ins. But has any other company Beta-tested its DSP algorithms for over 20 years before releasing them?
   Roger Nichols built his first audio software application in 1978: a drum replacement plug-in named Wendel that debuted on Steely Dan's “Gaucho” album. The second version was christened in 1981 on Donald Fagen's “Nightfly” album. “And Wendel is the only machine ever nominated for a Grammy,” Nichols concludes.

Roger Nichols Digital and Elemental Audio.
The initial five DAW plug-ins have been co-developed by Roger Nichols Digital and Elemental Audio. Elemental Audio’s expertise in coding and DSP algorithms, along with Roger Nichols Digital’s responsibility for sonic performance and a series of session-derived presets, produces a winning combination. Both teams are developing new products and upgrades for existing plug-ins. RND handles all sales, marketing and support functions, yet remains financially independent from EA.
   In essence, the new association combines EA’s audio software development expertise with Roger Nichols' engineering and production experience. In-development: versions of all plug-ins for Digidesign Pro Tools® TDM systems and also Apple Intel Duo Core Macs.

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