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ADC Broadcast Products is a leading global supplier of network equipment, software and integration services for broadband, multiservice networks that deliver data, video and voice communications over telephone, cable television, Internet, broadcast, wireless and enterprise networks.


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Founded in 1975, Aphex Systems is a leading developer and innovator of signal-processing, dynamics control and analog-to-digital conversion systems designed for a wide cross section of professional end users around the world.


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Founded in 2004 by industry veterans Brian Zolner and Casey Dowdell, Bricasti Design Ltd is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest professional audio products, including the highly acclaimed Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor and the new Model 10 Remote Console.


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Established in 1987, Digital Music Technologies has grown to be a leader in the field of digital audio recording. DMT provides consulting services and rental stock of digital audio converters, workstations, recorders, and processors, as well as selected analog equipment.


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Euphonix Logo

Euphonix Inc. develops, manufactures and supports networked digital audio systems for music, film & TV post-production, broadcast, sound reinforcement and multimedia applications. Through innovative design, Euphonix products enable professional artists, producers, and engineers, to be more productive and creative than ever before.


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Linear Acoustic has been involved in projects with Dolby Laboratories, Sirius Satellite Radio, Microsoft, all major terrestrial networks, multiple local stations, HBO, Viacom, Disney, Miramax, Sony Studios, and others. It is also actively involved in ATSC, NRSC and other industry organizations, as well as being members of the AES, IEEE and SMPTE.


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Established in 1953, MPSE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a wealth of knowledge from award winning professionals to a diverse group of individuals, youth and career professionals alike; mentoring and educating the community about the artistic merit and technical advancements in sound and music editing; providing scholarships for the continuing advancement of motion picture sound in education; and helping to enhance the personal and professional lives of the men and women who practice this unique craft.


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MW Audio is a high-end professional audio sales company that also offers system design and installation for recording studios, post production, broadcast, theater and live sound. The company's expert staff assists customers through many of the technical issues encountered while building a production facility or live sound system.


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Founded in 1989, NVISION is dedicated to the development of high performance routing and distribution systems for the production and delivery of high quality digital video and audio. The company's worldwide customer base includes major television networks, TV stations, DBS operators, video and film post production facilities, and streaming media companies.


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One of the world's leading manufacturers of professional audio loudspeaker components, P.Audio System company designs and produces a complete range of low-frequency and high-frequency transducers to exacting standards of performance and reliability.


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PMC designs feature its uniquely engineered Advanced Transmission Line/ATL™ technology, which provides high resolution, wide bandwidth signal response across the complete product range. Proprietary drive units, electronics and cabinet engineering provide unrivalled tonal accuracy, clarity and dynamic range throughout a range of designs.


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Roger Nichols Digital is an innovator of leading-edge DAW plug-ins and applications designed to streamline the creative day-to-day operations of recording and production engineers, producers and musicians involved in all aspects of sound creation.


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Sterling Sound

For more that 30 years Sterling Sound has been a facility exclusively dedicated to the art of mastering. Sterling Sound has one of the most experienced and diverse engineering staffs of any studio in the world.


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Steven Klein

As well as being a world-class engineer/producer, Steven Klein is a leading designer and builder of commercial recording studios, project studios and post production facilities.
The company also manufactures a full line of custom-designed acoustic products, including Gobos, Quadratic Residue Diffusors, fabric panels, foam, as well as Slatted Resonant Diffusors.

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Sunset Sound logo

Founded in 1959, Sunset Sound is the oldest independent recording complex in the world still under original, private ownership. Three recording environments are available in the main complex, plus two tracking and remix rooms in the adjoining Sunset Sound Factory.

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Tangerine logo

Owned by Roger Johansen and Gene Holder, Tangerine Mastering was designed by famed acoustician John Storyk of the Walters-Storyk Design Group. The working environment combines close proximity to midtown Manhattan in an artist-run production arts building that houses sound stages, recording studios, post production suites, independent record companies and college radio promoters.

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Founded in 1993, Z-Systems Audio Engineering specializes in the development of leading-edge digital audio interface and signal processing products for the recording, mastering, broadcast and post-production markets.

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