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Comprehensive Marketing Services for Professional
Audio, Video, Broadcast & Multimedia Communities

Media&Marketing, headed by creative director Mel Lambert, provides a range of marketing communications, copywriting and graphic design for hardware manufacturers and production facilities. If your company currently lacks the in-house resources to handle day-to-day needs, call upon an experienced resource.

Our primary focus - '"Knowledge is Power" ... both securing vital marketing intelligence for our clients, but also disseminating positive messages about their various business activities.                                               2021

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Put our Multi-Element Marketing Approach to work for you ...

For high-tech
words and
images ...


B2B Marketing

Focus Groups

The Internet

Market Surveys

Collateral Production

B2B Marketing
Develop targeted messages for high-tech customers

Focus Groups
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of product lines

Deliver news, marketing messages and on-line help

Define market potential for
your products
and services

Create newsletters,
flyers, cut sheets
and brochures