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Audio, Video, Broadcast & Multimedia Industries

Do you have a fully developed marketing strategy for your current and planned products or services? From initial concept to obsolescence, you need a clear, focused marketing strategy to secure sales, profitability and a defined return on your investment.

Media&Marketing, headed by creative director Mel Lambert, is an industry-proven consulting service for hardware manufacturers and production facilities. Our customized marketing, copywriting promotion and advertising campaigns let you communicate directly with your targeted customers, using clearly articulated strategies.

Our primary focus: "Information is Power" - securing vital marketing intelligence for our clients, but also capable of disseminating positive messages about their various business activities.

What is Marketing? - a summary overview.

Chances are that your company's sales and marketing departments are handling day-to-day customers inquiries and securing new orders. But are you fully utilizing the other communications opportunities that can compliment your inside efforts?

Is your ad agency securing the best impact from your advertising dollars, in terms of supplementing your headlines and sales messages with strong copy and design elments?

We can provide:

Ad copy/design

Advertising Copywriting/Design

To create appealing, coherent images and sales messages that promote your products and services to a variety of professional users around the world.

Direct marketing

Direct Response Marketing

To place a custom-designed, highly-targeted message directly into the hands of your existing and prospective customers, utilizing cost-effective direct-mail and business-to-business techniques.

Focsu groups

Focus Groups

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current or proposed product lines, promotions and marketing potentials.


Webs Site Design

To develop cohesive marketing strategies for your current or planned Internet presence, as well as techniques to secure additional traffic to your custom-developed site.


Marketing Surveys

To analyze and accurately define the market potential for your planned or existing products and services, and how to reach your targeted customers economically and efficiently.


Newsletter, Spec Sheet & Brochure Design

To tailor your sales and marketing messages directly for your targeted client base, using clear, well-written product descriptions, in-use applications, graphics and technical materials.

More details of Mel Lambert's creative experience are also available on-line.

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